The Subprojects in SAVE-IDE

Here you will find a short presentation of each subproject within the SAVE-IDE project.

SAVE-IDE Architectural Editor

The Architecture Editor is a graphical user interface used to design SaveCCM systems. As in SaveCCM the design is based on the Component-Based principles, it is not necessarily to design the whole application from scratch. Individual elements (component, composite or assembly) can be designed separately and then integrated in the overall design of the application.

SAVE-IDE Timed Automata Editor

The Timed-Automata Editor is the tool allowing to model the behaviour of the SaveCCM elements.

SAVE-IDE Component C-code Editor

The component C-code Editor provides automatically the skeleton of the c-file which will contains the implementation of the Save components. This skeleton is based on the description of the component done in the Architecture Editor. It is also connected to the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT).

SAVE-IDE System Description Generator

The system description generator generates automatically a xml file containing the description of the system according to the "save.dtd". Prior to this generation a verification is done to check the validity of the design.

SAVE-IDE Component Repository Browser

The repository browser allows the developer to find useful SaveCCM components realised previously for other systems and to import them into the environment. It also allows to export elements which could be reused in other systems.

Uppaal Port in SAVE-IDE

UPPAAL Port is a behavioural simulator that allows verficication and validation of the system behaviour. Uppaal Port is used to verify a system behaviour when modeled as a timed automata. Logo