The SAVE-IDE is an integrated development environment for component-based software system. In particular development of component-based embedded real-time systems. In SAVE-IDE a general framework for component-based development of safety-critical vehicular systems will be developed, including


The best way to start using the SAVE-IDE is to read the user manual, if you want a quick start then go on to the short version; Working with SAVE-IDE-A User Guide (short version) or the complete SAVE-IDE User Guide.

Becoming a Member of SAVE-IDE Project

If your passion and interest are in the area of component-based devlopment of software systems and already are familiar with model-driven develeopment of embedded real-time systems then you should start reading the more detailed desciption of the SAVE-IDE project, --link to be added here--. Also you should look for the current assignemnts that are available, --link to be added here--.

When you have found your area of interest and which part of the SAVE-IDE you want to contribute to then send a request to join our developer team, requests are sent to the project administator at

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