org::uppaal::port::ui::preferences::UppaalPortPreferencePage Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void createFieldEditors ()
void init (IWorkbench workbench)

Detailed Description

This class represents a preference page that is contributed to the Preferences dialog. By subclassing <samp>FieldEditorPreferencePage</samp>, we can use the field support built into JFace that allows us to create a page that is small and knows how to save, restore and apply itself.

This page is used to modify preferences only. They are stored in the preference store that belongs to the main plug-in class. That way, preferences can be accessed directly via the preference store.

Member Function Documentation

void org::uppaal::port::ui::preferences::UppaalPortPreferencePage::createFieldEditors (  )  [inline]

Creates the field editors. Field editors are abstractions of the common GUI blocks needed to manipulate various types of preferences. Each field editor knows how to save and restore itself.

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