Installing SAVE-IDE

If you not already have done so, install Eclipse and necessary modeling and graphical frameworks. After you have working Eclpse with installed modeling and graphical frameworks then it is time to install the SAVE-IDE

Downloading SAVE-IDE

You can download the SAVE-IDE distrbutions from the download page. It is recommended that you download the latest stable version of the SAVE-IDE. Though, there are possibilities to download different kind of releases. If you want to try the latest implementation you should download the latest snapshot release.

Installing SAVE-IDE Plug-ins

Unpack the downladed packag into a temporary folder or directly into the plug-in directory of the Eclipse you use. If you followed our installation guide your Eclipse should be under C:\eclipse_usr if you run Eclipse in Windows. If you unpacked the package into a temporary directory then copy the plug-ins to the Eclipse plug-in directory.

You also have to install the UPPAAL PORT by download the package from UPPAAL PORT download page.

  • Unzip the file portsrv.exe into the Eclipse directory (e.g. c:\eclipse_usr)
  • Unzip the plugin (i.e. the jar file in the directory "plugins") to the Eclipse plugin directory (e.g. C:\eclipse_usr\plugins)

If you have Eclipse already running the new plug-ins will not have been properly installed. You should exit Eclipse and open it again. Installation done. You can now open your Eclipse workbench and start work with the SAVE-IDE.

When you have Eclipse started you have to configure the UPPAAL PORT by opening the preferences dialog, Menu Window -> Preferences -> Uppaal PORT. Type in or via the browse functionality point out the file portsrv.exe (e.g. c:\eclipse_usr\portsrv.exe)