Chapter 2. Installing SAVE-IDE

Table of Contents

Install Guide
Installing the Eclipse Environment
Downloading the Eclipse Distribution
Installing the Eclipse Distribution
Downloading and Installing the Acceleo Distribution
Installing the Modeling and Graphical Frameworks
Installing SAVE-IDE
Downloading SAVE-IDE
Installing SAVE-IDE Plug-ins
List of verified features and plug-ins.
Trouble Shooting

Install Guide

Installing SAVE-IDE is performed in two different steps, one in which Eclipse (TM) is installed and one in which the SAVE-IDE is installed. This guide will lead you through the installation step by step, showing the recommended way. By follwing this guide you will avoid the most common pitfalls. In the end of this installation guide the latest known version of needed plug-ins are listed. The list represnt the versions that the SAVE-IDE is compatible with and have been tested against.